What other things will my child learn through child-led play?

Ownership is the key to a child-led, play-based program. It seems like such a simple thing, but honestly, it is the key. Just look at what ownership teaches young children:

Children own their entire experience at Kaleidoscope Play School. They own trying new things, they own struggling, failing and the power of perseverance. They will own discoveries and, often times, the mistakes that come along the way. They will own the results of determination as they solve problems and work to find solutions. They will own teamwork and learn the value of collaboration. They will own asking for what they need. The children at Kaleidoscope Play School are encouraged to ask for what they need; whether they need tools, supplies or help, asking is encouraged.

I will hold you and your child in the utmost regard. I want nothing but the best for all of the children who share their childhood years with me. That is why I insist on paying attention to the whole child, the whole package…not just certain parts. This can most successfully be accomplished with a child-led, play-based program like Kaleidoscope Play School.