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At Kaleidoscope Play School, play is recognized and honored as the foundation for all academics to build upon. At the forefront is empowering young children to have confidence in their independence. Relationships and the environment at Kaleidoscope are the key to providing young children the opportunities and security they need to lead their learning. This is a place where the proof of learning will be on a child’s hands, arms, feet and clothes and in their hearts and minds. Because sometimes, you get the urge to paint while wearing flippers. The Doodle Room. More pictures coming soon.










Camp Empower:

A Low-tech, High-Think Play Experience for School-Aged Children!

Unplug and EMPOWER your child with an energetic, high-think week of imagining, innovating, discovering and thinking outside the box.

At Camp Empower, the first and foremost goal is to empower children with the gift of “WHY NOT?”. The materials your child will explore will have them saying “I wonder if…” and testing theories all while empowering their natural curiosity and wonder.

Some may create pieces of art to take home, others may spend their time exploring building and mechanical concepts while others may get lost in the world of sensory exploration as they enjoy some gooey messy fun.

Camp Empower is the perfect place for any child who loves art, music, imagining, science, tinkering, getting messy and just plain having fun!

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Kaleidoscope Play School

A child-led, play-based preschool in Sioux Falls, SD

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