The Kaleidoscope Philosophy


At Kaleidoscope Play School, play is recognized and honored as the foundation for all academics to build upon. At the forefront is empowering young children to have confidence in their independence. Relationships and the environment at Kaleidoscope are the key to providing young children the opportunities and security they need to lead their learning. This is a place where the proof of learning will be on a child’s hands, arms, feet and clothes and in their hearts and minds.


Just as a kaleidoscope’s picture emerges and blends, learning and play emerges and blends at Kaleidoscope Play School.
Just as a kaleidoscope’s picture looks different with every twist, the way each child learns looks different every day. The children lead their learning with their natural, random whims and interests at Kaleidoscope Play School.
Just as each kaleidoscope picture is unique, so is every child. Kaleidoscope Play School provides an environment, both physical and emotional, that meets the needs of each individual child and values their uniqueness.