What is a Play School?

A Play School is simply a Preschool where children learn through child-led play. Another key term is “play-based learning”.

A child-led, play-based preschool caters to the whole child. The idea of catering to the whole child means looking at all the ways your child is developing and growing and paying attention to all of them. We can’t focus on one area at the expense of the others.

Currently there is a lot of emphasis placed on making sure children are ready for kindergarten. That focus, however, gets too concerned with the cognitive development and overlooks the importance of empowering and fostering independence and developing the whole child. When we focus on the whole child, all aspects of development are held in high regard and recognized as a valuable part of kindergarten readiness. Focusing on the whole child also gives children opportunities for practicing life-long skills, skills they will need long after their kindergarten days are over.

My goal is to assist your child in creating a strong foundation for all future academics to rest upon, not just preparing them for Kindergarten. By paying attention to the whole child, I am giving your child ample opportunity to engineer the strongest, sturdiest foundation possible. This foundation is what ultimately leads to long-term school success.

A strong foundation is not built upon rote learning, memorization, worksheets, flashcards and drills. A strong foundation is built upon relevant, meaningful and authentic experiences. Those kinds of experiences are found in child-led play in a well structured environment.