Will my child learn literacy skills through child-led play?

The very base for literacy skills is a simple love of books. Story time is a special time at Kaleidoscope Play School, and can sometimes happen several times throughout our time together. It all depends on the interest and leadership of the children.

Children need real experiences to attach words to. This is why, at Kaleidoscope, we do REAL. That interest in words will grow, and soon, they will be asking how to “make” that word. From there the interest in letters will be born. A natural, meaningful progression.

I incorporate “mystery words” into our time together. I pick out a word that is of interest to the children, I write that word on an index card and stick it on the wall. I then hide the letters that create that word, and patiently wait. The children are empowered when they find a letter, and even more so when they figure out where that letter goes as they copy the word on the card in order to re-build it. I refer to this as learning letters in their natural habitat. Letters are meant to be in words…not isolated on a meaningless flashcard.