Will my child be messy?

YES! I promise they will. I also guarantee that this is a GOOD thing.

Even though almost all materials used at Kaleidoscope Play School are washable, I can almost promise that your child will stain a clothing item here and there.

Making a mess taps into children’s innate curiosity about the world around them and their strong desire to explore and find out more. Messy play is characterized by risk taking, trying things out and experimenting. Experiences like this strengthen a child’s interest in learning more and builds their confidence. I believe a messy child is an engaged child. Messy play is important to the development of the whole child and that is why it is supported at Kaleidoscope Play School. A messy child signifies a child that was so caught up in the task at hand, there was no time left to worry about the mess being made. Children often get lost in their imagination when engaged in messy play….imaginations are the root of solving problems. Imaginations are highly respected and valued here, therefore…bring on the messy play!